You CAN End the Excuses!

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My dreams are more important than any excuse!

My dreams are more important than any excuse!

You CAN “End the Excuses”

It is so very easy to come up with an ‘excuse’ as to why you didn’t keep to a resolution, commitment, or a goal.  Sometimes a bit of tough love for “End the Excuses” on a personal level is required.  An excuse is generally a lie to yourself or others when it comes to making a change. If you are committed to change it will happen. That is not to say that from time to time you may fall off the rails; we all do.  If you want results…you have to commit to change…otherwise you continue returning to your previous behaviour and what you don’t like about yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of the excuses used by most everyone from time to time when it comes to eating well and losing weight, especially about the 6 – 8 week mark into a health program.  I am sure that you may find that you have used one or two yourself.


At about 3-4 weeks the niggling thoughts start:

·        It’s not working fast enough.

·        It’s too confusing.

·        I don’t like having to change my lifestyle.

·        It’s too hard to change.

·        I feel like I have to deprive myself all the time.

·        I don’t have time to plan meals, to shop right, to cook healthy or to exercise.

·        All I think about is food and how hungry I am, or wanting foods I shouldn’t have.

·        I don’t like veggies or I am not into fruits…meat…etc

·        I don’t like to cook.

·        I don’t like water.



Around 6 to 8 weeks stronger thoughts develop:

·        I hate exercise or I’m not interested in exercising regularly.

·        My family won’t eat these foods.

·        I can’t enjoy myself when I am out or entertaining.

·        It’s easier and less expensive to get fast foods or take out.

·        My partner does the cooking and serves up the meals and he/she is tired of this.

·        I don’t like eating breakfast or I don’t have time for lunch.

·        I don’t have the support of my family.



At 10 to 12 weeks we add to our excuse list:

·        It costs too much to eat healthier.

·        It costs too much for the gym.

·        I’m really doing this for someone else, I am fine with me.

·        I’m under such stress at work or at home.

·        I am not or can’t stay motivated.

·        I can’t so no to myself or others.

·        I look for excuses to go off the rails.

·        I am just getting too tired to bother.

·        It’s just too much hard work!



 Some tips so You CAN End the Excuses:

Ok… so I’ve used all of these at one time or another, I confess!  But, sometimes all it takes is to STOP!  You can End the Excuses you provide to yourself and others. Have you ever thought why some people can do it and it looks easy for them but harder for you? Here are some tips to keep you moving in the direction of your true goal.

1.      First – Get into the right head space – your attitude and goal should be for you alone and not because someone else directs you…like a partner, friend or parent. Whenever you think you can’t – change it to CAN. Remember the weight did not go on overnight or because you ate one type of ‘evil weight gaining food’. You are starting new lifestyle habits, this is not a game or a race competition. Studies show it takes most people 21 days to form a new habit…I disagree. I think you can get comfortable with a new habit in that time but it takes months, if not years for some to make it permanent. You have to practice a new habit until it becomes just a way of life; a subconscious part of you like, brushing your teeth, shaving, putting on your makeup or choosing your clothes for the day. It will eventually become just the way you are.


2.      Time management issues? Yes, we are all busy but how important is your long term health and wellness to you? Other people succeed because they make the time and do not begrudge the effort, but actually embrace it. They know that in the short and long term they will be happier. Look at your home and work life and plan a time for you. You can do a lot in 15-30 minutes a day that you might be using to check facebook or twitter…for the umpteenth time.


3.      Planning is too hard? 20 minutes to complete a meal plan for the week and 10 minutes to make up a shopping list.  And hey, if you’re time poor too – consider shopping online to save going to the shops and fighting a battle with temptation.


4.      You don’t have to do 30-60 minutes of exercise in one go.  Start with 10 minutes 2-3 times a day but make sure they are things that you at least like to do.  If you hate jogging – DON’T Jog – Walk fast. JExercise should be fun not a chore! There is always some form of exercise that you won’t ‘hate’.


5.      Always hungry?  I ask you why? You need not be hungry with all the food options available to you.  Plan on eating every two to 3 hours but smaller portions; making sure that you are getting intake from each food group throughout the day. You will be satisfied, have more stable blood sugar levels, have reduced cravings and increased energy; and you will be happier!


6.      Can’t say no to temptation or to others?  Sure you can!  YOU have the power to make the choice and you can learn to say “no” gracefully, but firmly, (even to your mother-in-law).  🙂  Ask if you can dish up for yourself, or eat half and doggie bag the rest, tell family and friends you are just eating less… or if all else fails – blame me – My Health Coach says I can’t.   You are ‘always’ going to be tempted by high sugar or high calorie foods! Learn how much a serving size is and stick to one small serve, or exchange it for other foods so you’re not overeating and think about how often you’re going to have it.


7.      Lost all motivation?  What you are most likely feeling is that initial excitement you get when you have a new intention.  It is almost a physical vibration and a sense of drive.  What motivation boils down to is the choice you need to make when a choice is required.  For example, grilled fish and salad or battered fish & chips? 10 minutes of exercise or catch up on twitter and facebook? Motivation is practiced and practice makes a habit!


8.      It costs too much!  Add up your lattes, lunches out and take away or dine outs in a week.  Go ahead… I’ll wait……Now pick yourself up and dust yourself off and go shopping for healthy foods.   You can feed two to four people for two full days of meals and snacks with what you would spend on just yourself in one to two days of dining out.  Plus it is healthier! If you shop from a planned meal list I can guarantee it is less expensive.


9.      I’m too stressed, too tired, or too _________(you fill in the blank).  Then, you need to learn how to deal with stress. Eating well keeps your immune system up, energy levels high, stable hormone and blood sugar levels, prevents cravings and so much more.  So deal with the problem… Get some rest, go to bed earlier, deal with the real issues causing your stress but don’t use it as an excuse to go off track with less healthier choices.


10.   So you say you don’t like veggies…you won’t eat anything green, yellow or orange?  It could be that you are not cooking them properly, or maybe you aren’t using seasonings or sauces. Play around with seasonings, try steaming instead of boiling…or use them in a stew, soup or casserole. Learning to eat raw veggies – slice thin and use healthy dips or sauces. Start with a small amount once a week and work up. Mix your veggies together.  Come on – Give veggies a try.  I hated broccoli until I found cheese sauce! J


11.   So you’re a very social person and do a lot of dining out.  Why do you feel that you are under duress when choosing a meal at a restaurant or buffet?  Look at the choices you have.  If you want the deep fried foods…have some, a small portion. (A child’s size) Just don’t make those choices each and every time you dine out.  One meal a week is NOT going to derail your weight loss.


12.   And finally you feel you don’t have the support you need? For most of us there is someone in our life that we can depend on; a friend, partner, parent or sibling that knows you well enough to share your dreams and desires with. Get that person to help you (not nag you) to stay the course while you are habit changing. For those that don’t have anyone close by get in touch with a personal weight management specialist/coach to help you. The person needs to be positive, willing to encourage and supportive. They need to be your champion through change.  Beware of the negative people in your life and the chronic tempters…you know the ones that want you to eat what they are eating so they don’t have the ‘guilt’ of eating it alone?

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