When Your Confidence Takes a Dive

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When Your Confidence Takes a Dive

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Even the most confident person will occasionally experience low self confidence in certain situations. Then, again, there are many of us that suffer poor self confidence regularly.  When your confidence takes a dive start by recognizing the difficulty and practicing some simple steps you can get through the impasse a little easier. By practicing them on a regular basis your confidence will grow.  Start thinking and saying these statements to yourself when your confidence takes a dive:

1.   “From time to time, because my life is full, it is natural to experience reduced self-confidence.”  It’s impossible to be on top of your game one hundred percent of the time.

2.   “It’s OK to feel how I feel.”  So give yourself a break. Humans have thoughts and emotions that are constantly being tested in different situations and these emotions can get on top of us.

3.   “I have the choice and can take time to figure this out.”  Depending on the situation, you may not have days but only moments to decide on how to act. Nevertheless, taking even a few moments to think things through can make a huge difference in how you will respond.

4.   “I have a lot of positives in my life that largely exist because of my choices and actions.”   It’s helpful to reflect on the high points of your life. Connecting with those thoughts will build up your confidence; for examples, – You may have a partner, kids, a job you love, and a home that’s comforting.

5.   “During many important life or work events my confidence has been strong.” Remind yourself that your confidence has been there for you whenever you needed it. Keep a mental playbook of situations where your confidence was challenged and where you succeeded.

6.   “My self-confidence will bounce back like it usually does.”  Sometimes we berate ourselves over this physical and emotional response to a circumstance, but recognize that it’s happened before and you recovered.

7.   “I have what it takes to live a confident and productive life.”  Know that you possess the very essence of inner strength, courage, and confidence to think and create. Positive mindset means success.

8.   “I am successful.”  Think positively.  Adopt this or a similar profound affirming statement as your personal mantra, you’ll be surprised at the things you can accomplish. What a way to boost your confidence! Think of some famous catch phrases like, “Just do it” or “Image is everything.” Then, make up a phrase that inspires you. Some examples are, “I’m hard-working” and “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

9.   “I will re-discover my personal strength.”  It takes courage to admit to being unsure about what to do in a tough situation.  Acknowledging your low confidence can lead you to having the strength to move forward one step at a time.

10.  “I know my stuff and I am an expert in what I do.”  Often low self confidence is not related to what you know but a change in a process, business relationship, business growth, etc.  It is the act of change that is causing the issue, not you yourself. It could be and usually is an unusual or uncommon circumstance.

11.  “I can seek out guidance where, when and as I wish.”  If your confidence becomes debilitating or causes more distress in resolving the problem; then get help.  If you’re struggling to move forward, talk with your partner, a friend or even a life coach. It shows more personal strength in getting help and moving forward then to wallow in indecision.  It’s helpful to receive some pointers from those familiar with fluctuating confidence levels.

You’ll be on top of your game once again. Refuse to allow a momentary lag in confidence to bring you down. You’re in control of your feelings and choices. Say these statements to yourself to boost your confidence when needed.

Write affirmations that mean something to you and put them in prominent places around your home or workplace.  Use inspirational quotes as well; but most of all get help!  Working with a life coach for one to two sessions can make a huge difference in how fast and how well you get through your low self confidence issue.


Connie Gersteling

Essentials In Life Wellness Centre

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