An initial consultation for Weight Loss Coaching identifies your health, food balance, lifestyle, activities, and all areas of your life; so we can ‘together’ develop a plan of action that fits easily into your lifestyle. This is why our clients achieve such success.

At Essentials In Life we know from personal and professional experience that the only true way to permanent weight loss is by working on the whole person. This takes time and is why our shortest program is a minimum of 13 weeks. People continuously overhaul their eating choices but rebound after a few weeks and look for the next ‘instant’ fad for quick help. The old adage…”it didn’t come on over night and it won’t fall off overnight” is true. For permanent results you need to identify your mindset and habits; even more than the food you eat.

Weight loss is a misnomer… the true goal is to remove the ‘excess and unhealthy fat’ from your body. Through weekly visits we check your weight and review your challenges, strategise a plan of action to implement and, of course, provide the ongoing support and accountability needed for success with lifestyle change.

We prefer our clients to eat their way to a healthier and fulfilling lifestyle. We have support products that can aid you during your fat reduction, if you choose; however, we promote a lifestyle strategy that won’t keep you harnessed to a supplement for success.

Ongoing weight loss sessions over the minimum period depend on 3 things – The amount of weight you wish to lose, the success of adapting and achieving success with lifestyle, external influences and mindset; and finally, your need for accountability and support. New habits and behaviours need to become a subconscious action; as much a part of your values and actions as driving a car. You don’t have to ‘think’ about every step and stage…it is a natural learned skill.

Maintaining weight after reaching your goal is also a skill. 80% of people that have reached their goal will within one to two years regain that weight and even more. Our maintenance program will follow you through that period with monthly visits during the first year and quarterly visits the second year. This support and accountability will insure that if you start regaining the weight and experience the resurgence of ‘old habits’ then we can quickly get you back on track. The longer you keep the weight off…the higher the success rate in permanently keeping it off.

We are often asked why we use a “Life Coach” approach to weight loss. Our answer is as complex as it is simple. Food is not always the devil in the detail…but it is our relationship with food that is the problem. The why, when, where and what. It is the learning we had as a child. It is our work life balance and stresses. It is our mindset and cultural background. All of these things and more impact on total well being. If you’re body and mind are in sync it bodes well for a happier, healthier and harmonious lifestyle; while adding youth, vitality and positivity throughout your life with less incidence of chronic disease. Who wouldn’t want that?

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