Want to Detox & Rejuvenate? – Get Hot! with Infrared Heat Therapy

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Detox has been used for centuries in helping the body eliminate impurities or to improve well being; often times with foul tasting drinks, powders or concoctions. There are many reasons people use detox and hundreds of products to purge the body of chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, inflammation, gastric illness, liver detox, to increase metabolism and much more.

Infrared Heat Therapy

For hundreds of centuries in nearly every culture around the world there has been some form of natural healing heat therapy to improve mental and physical health through sweating; in lodges or huts, with or without steam and using special herbs or special waters.

For more than 65 years heat and infrared therapy has been extensively studied and tested in the use of reducing muscular and joint inflammation, skin rejuvenation, relaxation and detox of the body. The outcomes of these studies have shown a myriad of other health benefits as well. With regular use many people have experienced improved cardiovascular health, reduction in blood pressure, improved immunity and weight loss just to name a few.

Some oral detox programs can be difficult to swallow, often requiring you to stay close to home for frequent toilet visits, cause gastric cramping and gas and leave you feeling worse before you feel better; if they work at all. More and more studies are debunking the actual effectiveness of these products. Do your research and talk with a qualified health professional when it comes to taking oral detox.

With Infrared Heat Therapy, your body will break down and excrete a multitude of chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides and other accumulated toxins that we are exposed to or ingest on a daily basis. Toxins cause inflammation, early aging, inhibit our immune systems and can cause disease over time.

Infrared Therapy is safe, painless, relaxing and rejuvenating and takes about 30-40 minutes. Two to three sessions a week will make a significant difference in your body’s health. More sessions will increase the effectiveness and speed of detox. Clients exclaim about their experience and how much better they feel in as little as the first session.

Wellness Specialist, Connie Gersteling, says far-infrared heat penetrates into the body directly and it will take the body longer to break out in a sweat, but that it is a more efficient elimination of wastes deep from within the body of 80% water and 20% toxins. The gentle heat is about 50 degrees lower than steam saunas resulting in a more comfortable and productive sweat. Conventional saunas rely on convection heat which is the surrounding air temperature being hot enough (90-100 degrees) for a sweat of 97% water and only 3% toxins.

When thinking of detox, consider an infrared therapy program that improves your health on a multitude of levels and comes with extra benefits. Plus you won’t experience any uncomfortable side effects!

Infrared Heat Therapy

Infrared Heat Therapy is safe, painless, relaxing and rejuvenating and takes about 30-40 minutes.

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