Tips on How to Measure your Body and Measurement Record

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Tips on How to Measure Correctly

  • Use inches or centimeters but always use the same style.
  • Keep the tape measure as horizontal as possible.
  • Tension should be light, but not too loose and do not pull the tape tightly (pinch the skin).
  • Use your hand or fingers to designate the target area so that you know you are measuring the same spot each time.
  • Place the starting end of the tape in a place that is easy to read. Use a mirror to check tape placement is correct and to read your results.
  • Measure each area twice to start and insure that you are reading the tape correctly.
  • Measure yourself in your underwear for accuracy. Ladies – wear the same style bra each time.

Neck:  Stand straight – head held high and forward facing. Measure as close to the middle of the neck as possible.

Chest:  Measure along the nipple line, keeping the tape horizontal around the back.

Underbust: Measure along the lower bra line under your breasts. Not necessary for men, unless you have man-boobs! J

Mid-drif or upper abs: This can be a bit tricky but for consistency measure the middle between the underbust line and the naval line.

Waist: – Measure along the naval line.

Hips:  Measure four fingers down from the naval line.  Keep the tape even – horizontally.

Bottom:  Measure the ‘fullest’ part of the buttocks.  If you are pear shaped that may mean you will be measuring a bit lower than someone who is not.

Upper Thigh:  Usually about 2-3 fingers from the crotch but always the fullest part of the thigh.

Lower Thigh:  Measure four fingers up from the top of the knee.

Calf:  Measure the fullest part of the calf each time.

Ankle:  Measure the narrowest park of the ankle – usually about 2 – 3 fingers above the inside ankle bone.

Bicep:  Measure about one full palm width above the bend of the elbow.

Forearm: Measure down about four fingers from the bend of the elbow.

If you have fatty wrists – measure them about one finger above the wrist bone. Or if you have fuller upper arms you may want to do 2 or 3 measured areas such 4 fingers above the bicep measurement and possibly 2 fingers above the elbow bend.

Why do so many measurements?  Because it is so gratifyingly motivating to see the centimeters fall away.  Sometimes the scale won’t move but you are still losing centimeters; and also, because we lose fat in different areas at different rates.

Monthly Measurement Record

Right Bicep
Right Forearm
Left Bicep
Left Forearm
Right Upper Thigh
Right Lower Thigh
Right Calf
Right Ankle
Left Upper Thigh
Left Lower Thigh
Left Calf
Left Ankle
Weight Loss
BFI Loss
Total cm
Total cm Loss
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