A personal note to my clients… I always appreciate feedback in any form and at any time so I can insure I am providing quality services to you and others. The testimonials that you have provided are greatly appreciated!
  • "I love how my energy levels have improved. You have helped me regain control of my life and most importantly you have given my children a mother who can join in their games rather than watch."

    ANNE G. Castlereagh NSW
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Life Can Be Great!
  • "I don't like gyms because of the exhausting exercises they require. I have arthritis in my knees and hands. Thanks to essentials in life system I am losing weight by attending the weekly weight management and infrared treatment sessions. I follow your advice and walk at least 20-30 minutes a day for a low impact exercise, it works for me, I lost so far 9 kg in 3.5 months. Thanks Connie for your support."

    ANNE-MARIE S. Luddenham NSW
  • "You have helped me realise an appreciation of myself that so many others were unable to.  Many times I would come to see you and practically make it hell for you, I always had an argument or an excuse that you always managed to see through and get to the truth. You stuck by me and believed in me the whole time and I thank you for that."

    Carolyn W Kingswood, NSW
  • "Thanks Connie for providing a great environment for losing weight and to enhance my body with the wonderful equipment you have available and in giving me the confidence to look towards the future. I am looking forward to my wedding day and you are sooooo invited!"

    CATHY S. Penrith NSW
  • "Connie, my partner would never write about what your help has done for him, so I will let you know and you can share with other men and women.  He is so more confident now.  He Loves going out and even shopping with me now... first time in 10 years of marriage.  He stands taller and really seems more happy.  Those 'man boobs' are gone since the Ultrasound Cavitation.  He is even more romantic and I'm loving that!

    CHRISTINE C. Glenmore Park NSW
  • "Connie, Just a small note to say "thank you" for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the past few months."  I am learning to love the new me and have thrown away the old baggage. You are right, putting me first is NOT selfish, it is a necessity!

    Emma P. South Penrith NSW
  • "I have reached my goal, I will miss seeing you at "Connie Confessions" each week and I promise next time you see me there will be less of me see!"

    JENNY C. Brisbane QLD - formally Mulgoa NSW
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My six pack became a KEG!
  • "Essentials In Life weight reduction system worked well for me. I am finally losing the "beer gut" through our weekly food coaching sessions. I gave my "Food Essence Program" to my partner who is following the program on her PC and prepared healthier meals and portions for both of us. The Ultra-Sound fat cavitation treatment each week with the Infra-red dry Sauna helped me to lose the weight and I feel fitter and healthier thanks to your system."

    JOHN G. Orchard Hills, NSW
  • "My partner thanks you, my kids thank you and my mother thanks you and of course, I THANK YOU TOO! I didn’t think I had any real choices when it came to making a change in my job.  I was so unhappy there but couldn’t see a future. You helped me develop my self confidence again and take a chance at something new.  I love my new job and have decided to take some classes at TAFE.  6 months ago I was beyond blah and now I love and appreciate my new life.  For any one who wants or needs to make something of their life, I happily and highly recommend Connie and Essentials In Life to help you get there!"

    MADELINE M. Cranebrook NSW
  • "Some days, I just wanted to hide. I used jokes to cover up my real feelings when I was with family or friends. I was fantastic using excuses to justify my weight. A dear friend could see my unhappiness and literally took me by the hand to Essentials In Life. That was seven weeks, 6kg and a dress size ago! I am still going strong with no inclination to provide any more excuses. Thanks to Connie and her support. I know I will achieve my goals. I encourage anyone living with the same pain that I was to run, not walk, to Essentials In Life and free yourself up to live!"

    MICHELLE M. Blaxland NSW
  • "My husband thinks you are a miracle worker".  The life coaching has changed me from an unhappy, grump to a cheerful woman with a purpose.  I even look forward to the homework... cause I can see the future and I feel the difference in myself.  I am determined now to take that next step. Thanks for putting " the smile back on my face."

    NICOLA M. Cranebrook NSW
  • "I have lost an average of 500grm a week by using the "Essentials weightloss system" I lost 13.0 kg in 6 months by just following the program". The program is very easy to follow. I can see the light at the end of the weight loss tunnel after years of being over-weight. I know I can keep the weight off because of the gradual loss of body fat and I have the confidence of keeping my weight under control for the rest of my life."

    PETER F. Regentville NSW
  • "I lost 15.5 cm in two sessions off my abs with Ultrasound Lipo-reduction.  How great is that?! Can't wait to see the final results and  Then comes the bum and thighs. Thanks Essentials in Life those trouble areas are no more! Since I want to keep it off - looking forward to starting the food coaching this week as well."

    ROBIN C. St. Mary's NSW
  • "WOW!  You said I didn't have to kill myself with exercise to lose weight and you are so right.  I took care of my eating first and the weight has just fallen off.  6 kilos gone and 62 centimetres in 6 weeks!  Thank you Connie and I am telling all my friends and family about you.  See you next week for our weekly session!  :)"

    SAMANTHA D. Glenmore Park NSW
  • The results of the Ultrasound fat cavitation and detox Infrared Therapies are nothing short of miraculous! With the Ultrasound, my arms look years younger with shape, loss of cellulite and more definition again. The Infrared Therapy has side benefits that I never expected! In addition to detox, I found that I no longer have the little aches and pains as well as experiencing new levels of energy. I recommend and even advice anyone to try Essentials In Life. Connie is amazing! She really cares.

    TERI M. Glenmore Park NSW
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