With doTerra Essential Oils

Essentials In Life continues to research the best products and services globally to bring to their clients. And we are extremely excited to now offer services and products through doTerra Essential Oils.

The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health, both for the novice user and for the educated expert.

Widespread acceptance of essential oils, both within and without the scientific community, has led many to choose this more natural approach to health maintenance. doTerra CPTG – Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils have been recognized as the most therapeutic ils in the world and play a leading role in positive health choices.

In accordace with this new awareness of doTerra CPTG essential oils, they have developed a new oil application technique called the AromaTouch Technique. This clinical approach to essential oil application is a powerful, accessible way for everyone to experience the beneficial qualities of doTerra CPTG essential oils. By incorporating this technique into your health philosophy, you can enhance the benefits received from doTerra oils, thereby addressing whole body needs and creating overall systemic benefits.

Development and benefits:

The AromaTouch Technique was developed by Dr. David K. Hill, a world leading expert on the use of essential oils for medicinal benefit. In response to many individuals expressing both a passion for the oils and an uncertainty as to how to use them to achieve the maximum benefits, Dr. Hill has developed a ‘systemic way’ for everyone, novice or professional, to apply the oils and receive an expected, beneficial result.

Dr. Hill drew on his training as a physician, his experience using essential oils with patients and for personal care, and his understanding of essential oil ‘science’. The technique was created to address four systemic constants: stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance. Recognizing that there are common factors at the foundation of illness in the body, the AromaTouch Technique was developed to manage these systemic constants and return the body to a state of balance.

Because essential oils contain many different healing properties, each oil used in the AromaTouch Technique has been selected specifically for its therapeutic benefits and aroma. The AromaTouch Technique complements CPTG oils and further enhances their impact. The AromaTouch Technique addresses common negative factors that influence health and helps the body return to a state of homeostasis via a four-step process centred on CPTG oils and simple hand techniques. AromaTouch will enhance essential oil activity and stimulate known body meridian and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.

The AromaTouch Technique Massage:

60 minutes of bliss! A gentle massage using individual plant and plant blends of Essential Oils in a specific process to de-stress, improve immune system, reduce inflammation and balance the body.

Words can tell you how it’s done but everyone experiences different noticeable benefits from the first session. The comments from my clients have been amazing and all positive! My schedule is filling fast with AromaTouch Technique Massage appointments.

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