At Essentials In Life, our focus is on the health and wellbeing of the whole person.  To that end, our additional services are all geared to be a complement to all other services in providing overall health benefits.  For example, having Infrared Therapy prior to any massage increases the blood flow and helps open the lymphatic system; as well as having fully and deeply warmed muscles and joints which increases the outcome benefits of massage in the short and long term. Having Infrared Therapy following Ultrasound Fat Cavitation helps to rid the body of the fat and toxins released during the lipo-reduction treatment. You get a passive cardio effect that burns 600-900 calories during the session. Those are just a few examples but should show why Essentials In Life researches, tries out, and uses only the best equipment and the best products that will enhance our clients’ programs, treatments and ultimately, their lives.

We seek out companies that are renowned for excellence in purity, are organic and with documented proven health benefits. If there is a claim to improve health, you can be assured that we have verified that value add to you.  Additionally, the services are meant to enrich your life.  That is why we have developed program packages that include multiple services and have an open “design your program” that meets your direct needs and desires.  Under each service, there may be a recommendation to augment that service with another…because we know that including that service would increase the benefits or outcome in reaching your health goals.

Infrared and Heat Therapy
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