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Weight Management is the politically correct phrase for food and activity control to maintain a healthy weight for YOU.  There are tables, graphs and charts that provide all kinds of statistics to show the “perfect range” for a person’s height and weight.  There are literally thousands of diet and exercise books that will inform you of the “perfect solution” to your particular problem.  You may have tried several of them already, as most of us have.  You are the only person that will determine your ‘preferred’ fitness level and proportions.  Be realistic with your goal weight, clothing size and comfort level.  It is important to gear towards a healthy range.  Recognizing when you are feeling on top with your activity, energy, stamina, self-confidence and your size – will be the best indicator of good health.

Promised Perfection.  There are the promised quick fixes, the promised powders and pills; the promised easy foods, with some served direct-to-you choices; the promised medications and herbs that will make you the “perfect size”; and then the cosmetic companies with their creams, lotions and potions; and of course the promised exercise machines, etc., etc.  And let us not forget the “perfect surgical” solutions!  You know the ones – Pump it up or pump it out!  In some cases they pump it from one spot to another!  Now that is convenience for you!  Are you letting the magazine models, TV and movie actors and actresses, and the latest rock stars influence your idea of perfection?  Well, stop it!  They are greased, painted, plucked, taped, airbrushed and moulded into “their” idea of perfection.  Did you ever notice ~ they never reach a comfort stage?  Each time you see them… something has been moved, removed or added.  Scarey!!!!  I am sure you have seen some of these people talking from their navel or when they blink their ear twitches.

The Myths!  Of course the “wives tales” no longer work because we live in the 21st Century – right?  The more expensive the product, the more reliable it is – right?  The more publicity and hype a program or product or service has, the better it is – right?  If it has a “celebrity name” attached to it, I will look, feel and act just like him or her – right?  If I don’t eat fats I won’t be fat – right?  If I skipped a meal or two I won’t gain weight – right?   Only “McDonald’s” made us fat – right?  I could go on and on but I think you are getting the picture here.  See a weight loss counselor who will debug the myths and get you into the health zone faster and easier.

Time for Truth and Honesty:

  • There is no perfection out there
  • There is no ‘devil/evil food’ that put on those kilos alone
  • You did not gain overnight and you won’t lose overnight
  • We all deal with life differently ~ emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • We all have different body shapes, trouble spots, and structure
  • We all metabolise differently
  • We all have likes and dislikes in food, activities, work and pleasures
  • We come from diverse cultures and traditions
  • We are all unique individuals – with our personalities and traits, strengths and weaknesses (and thank goodness for that!)

HARMONY AND BALANCE in our lives has been lost, disregarded or unlearned; hence we have become unfit.  Less than 10% of the total population can state their weight or fitness problem is directly related to a medical condition or as a side effect to medical treatment. The rest of us have to cop the blame in one way or another.

If you have a problem with enjoying your foods a little too much and are not getting any form of activity on a regular basis then you are NOT IN BALANCE.  If you are unhappy in your home life, work or career, or with yourself… then you are NOT IN HARMONY.  If you are both – like 75 % of the total population of unfit people – then you are in trouble!

So!  That first “diet” didn’t work for long… neither did the second or the third.  So you stopped worrying about the food and went to exercise  –  in a gym or maybe you took up a sport… or just did the obligatory daily walk?  YET, somehow, that didn’t work either.  Feel any of the following – guilt, disgust, anger, frustration, depression, or failure?  Well, of course you did!  If you said you felt euphoria, pride, happy, satisfied or a sense of achievement, then, I would suggest you run! – not walk!  to your nearest psychologist!

balanced lifestyle means you are constantly juggling between give and take or intake and output… in food, activity and LIFE and more often than not you can keep it pretty even.  It takes lots of work to balance relationships, your work and home life, and chores and pleasures.  You have to put yourself first at times to reach your goals.  That doesn’t mean that you are inconsiderate or selfish…just organized with your priorities.  When the sway of the “give and take scale” is more one-sided ~ then, the trouble begins!  See the Yo-Yo effect here?

A harmonious lifestyle indicates that you are centered in your life, accepting of your own strengths and weaknesses, enjoy a strong bond with family and friends; that you actually love yourself and can easily accept the love of others.  You have a sense of self-worth and confidence and can easily adapt to most situations with ease.  Now don’t say you don’t have any of these qualities. You most certainly do – they are just listing a little to one side of the scale.  Oh my, more Yo-Yo effect!

WHERE DOES THAT PUT ME?   Well, you are in a great position!  You have “hope” – without which – “nothing can be accomplished”.  You have a “desire” to make change, which is the cornerstone of motivation.  You have “determination” – the main factor in reaching any goal.  And you have “vision” – the ability to see yourself reaching and living your goal.

Since you are not alone on this earth, get support from those that want to help you reach your goals.  There are family, friends, co-workers, professionals, counsellors and even strangers that will help you along, encourage you, and support you.  Those that won’t – don’t deserve your time!

You now have an understanding of what happened so the requirement from you is to be realistic about your goals.  Acknowledge and applaud yourself for all of the little achievements.  Learn not only about food and fitness, but as importantly, take the time to learn about yourself and why you got to where you are now.  Take on little changes or goals… one or two at a time… don’t overwhelm yourself.  We learned to crawl before we could walk and to walk before we could run, then we learned how to skip and hop!  One-step and stage at a time and you will climb mountains!

Of course, there will be trials and tribulations while you are on the track of getting healthier – that is part of LIFE, can’t change it… can only deal with it.  Improving your health and fitness will help you cope with all that LIFE throws out at you.  That is one guarantee that I can offer.  Pushing yourself through those down times will show your true metal. Not only will you be closer to your goal… you will have learned from the problem and gained strength for life’s next challenge.

Find the way to stay true to yourself – for yourself.

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