Process to Success

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 Process to Success

There is “always” a process to success.  You had to learn to sit before standing, stand before walking, walk before running, and etc. So why is it that we expect to shortcut our way through most other things in our adult life? Is it due to laziness, impatience, smugness, greed or possibly jealousy?

Start With Defining Your Idea or Desire

What is it that you want or need? Better health? Start your own business? Develop or improve relationships? Change careers? Learn to enjoy your life with work & life balance? Whatever “it” is you must define “it” in the simplest form. Keep asking what or why until you have your answer. 

There are many of us that ‘just know’ that something is missing or wrong with our lives. We have a dream but just don’t know how to go about changing or reaching that dream. We have unrealized fears, behaviours and thinking patterns that hold us back. Don’t be afraid to seek help from others, especially professionals, as this will speed up the clarification process; as well as aid you in developing an action plan and reaching your desire.

Your Thinking and Terminology

There are many terms out there – planning, goal setting, dream setting, structuring, foundation programming, strategizing, actioning and at least a dozen more.  What counts is what that word or phrase means for YOU. If you are “goal” setting and that phrase ‘goal setting’ is abhorrent or even uncomfortable to you – you will falter frequently and are unlikely to succeed. 

Think about what terms, phrases or quotes fill you with inspiration, motivation; or, even, just excite you a bit?  Maybe, it is about love, quality, value, results, vision, experience, journey, success and etc.  Use words that make you feel good – motivate you – that keep you on track to achieving permanent success.

Utilize positive phrases and terms that are part of your true core values and rid yourself of the negative talk that sabotages or inhibits your desires.  When you find a words or quotes that makes you feel positive and proactive write them down and put them in prominent places. Remember to use them for those ‘doubting times’.

Mahatma Gandhi said:  “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”


Education is a form of planning or goal setting. If you owned a company you would or should have completed a thorough Business Plan. Why start a business if you were not working towards success.  It is so important to learn the facts about each part of your goal; because with knowledge comes power!

You don’t need a score of diplomas (necessarily), but you do need to have an active “willing to learn” approach to the process to success and a committed focus to reach it. Research for yourself on what will likely impact you on your goals. And realise the truth of the quote…” the more you learn, the more you realise what you don’t know”. Again, get help from professionals who have been there.  You will save yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress and use your energies towards the positives of your journey.

Mapping, Blueprinting, Outlining

Design an outline or a blueprint of what you want to achieve, how you are going to get there and define a timeline.  Working off of the ‘someday principle’ keeps you right where you are now; so plan your process to success.

Understand that change in your timeline, research/education, and even your vision, will be made frequently as you progress.  Keep your outline simple to start with.  Believe me, it will grow exponentially. Think of a stairway with your dream (goal) at the top. Then make 5 to 6 steps below the dream. The first step is where you are now and the challenge is to get to the top in the shortest amount of reasonable time. What do you need to do right now?  Write it down. The second step what do you need to do next and write it down and so forth. Keep in mind you will have to do a mini stairway for each step to complete your Primary Stairway to success.


In relationships we have an internal (subconscious) interaction plan and socializing score card with family, friends, clients/customers, peers, co-workers and associates. Examples: Who am I most friendly with, who has power over me, who can I put off, who complains, who is always happy, who is the person that is always judging me, who can I have fun with, who is most important to me in reaching my dreams, who can I talk with and get honest feedback from, who will I drop everything for if they need me and vice versa, who are the drainers (those people that seemingly have the worst life) and want to share their drudgery with you….and the list goes on and on!

We subconsciously grade our relationships, the frequency of socializing and how we interact.  Truly understanding how your relationship interactions with others can affect your life or theirs has great benefits. This practice is not something that we have been taught, consciously acknowledge or even appreciate.

Eliminate or avoid people who drain you, primarily find fault with others and those who are constantly negative in their approach to life.  Seek to socialize frequently with positive, outgoing, go-getter people who look at life as an adventure, look at challenges as opportunities and who will provide strong support.

Influences in Our Lives

Our values and lifestyles are subconsciously dictated by culture; as well as learned habits, behaviours and attitudes.  Our choices are our own but we are repeatedly influenced by other stimuli. Practices or traditions of your culture are some of the strongest influences to your values. If some traditions are not working for you in your life…start new traditions. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Incorporate the old with the new and you will find a better ‘balance’ for you.

Remember those special people in our lives that influenced us in positive ways? Maybe you had a great teacher that you remember to this day, who saw your potential and put you on a better path. Or it might have been a grandparent that spent time teaching us the beauty, strength and awesomeness of nature or how to deal with others. Consider what those influences meant to you…and are you passing them on?

Take some time to evaluate your current influences in your life and be honest about the results – the good and the bad. Make a list of the values you want to live your life.  Where do you need to make changes?

For some of us, there will have been people or situations that caused a severe negative impact in our lives that may be hard to forget, forgive or to move forward from. Please seek help if you cannot accept the experience for what it was and it seems to influence every part of your daily life. You may be continuing to live the life of a victim which is not a process to success.

Appreciate, Recognize and Reward

Whatever you are seeking to achieve you must recognize yours and others efforts and reward yourself and others as you reach milestones in your process to success. One of the primary failings for people on a personal growth journey in any form is that appreciations, recognitions and rewards come at the end of the project. And because of this – many people will never reach their dream. 

We all want and need a cheering section along the road. However, for every mile taken, for every skill learned, for every person that provided assistance and for every smaller project completed in reaching the goal we must take time to appreciate, recognize and reward.  These three things are part of the foundation for success. Don’t ignore overcoming the challenges along the way. Celebrate your accomplishments and celebrate those that helped you get to that step.


“One of the key elements to achieving success is having a clear vision of what YOU WANT.”

The moral of the quote is to see yourself reaching and living your dream.  I have worked with many people and those that could picture their life in detail and even feel the emotions of living their dream were the ones that achieved success in the shortest amount of time. Never ‘lose sight’ of your dream and visualize it every day.

Law of Attraction

We are all energy and we attract and send out energies.  The universal Law of Attraction is that “like will attract like”.  So if you are negative in your thoughts and actions, you will get negative results; and if you are positive in your thoughts and actions you will get positive results.  This doesn’t mean that all you have to do is put in a request for wealth or health or a new car…and poof it appears! Your positive actions and being open minded to opportunities as they come into your life will make it more likely you will achieve your dreams.

Buddha said:  “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.”

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