Massage Therapy

Over the years massage has developed as a healing therapy and evolved into the many different modalities that exist today. Each style using a variety of methods and varying pressures, but with the same desired effect; pain relief, increased mobility, relaxation, recovery from trauma and much more: all brought about by bringing the systems of the body into balance.

As a massage therapist I am qualified in several different styles of massage, I like to incorporate aspects of each of them into a massage session, depending upon my clients individual needs.

Following are some of the techniques that I include in my practice.

Steve Galvin


Swedish Massage

Generally, most people’s first experience with massage, whether they are clients or practitioners is with Swedish massage. It is probably the most common form of massage, using a combination of long gliding strokes, kneading, friction and vibration with the aim of easing stress, tension and general soreness in the muscles. It improves blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to the cells and removes toxins and waste products via the lymphatic system.

Regular Swedish massage can have a positive effect on many conditions, it is excellent for people who experience headaches/migraines, stress, tension and fatigue, insomnia or digestive problems. As it relaxes the nervous system it can greatly improve the effects of anxiety and depression.

It is a perfect therapy for athletes in training, as it helps to remove lactic acid build up in the muscles.  It helps with yoga and Pilates, as it relaxes and stretches the muscle fibres and it is the perfect partner for anyone in a weight loss programme.

Overall it will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated with an increased feeling of wellbeing.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage uses many of the same techniques as Swedish massage but focuses more on specific problems, it can also include trigger point therapy and myofascial release which are relatively new techniques. The pressure used can vary from medium to quite firm.

It is an excellent therapy for people suffering from chronic pain as a result of a previous injury or a work related repetitive strain injury. Remedial massage can greatly speed up the recovery process and improve mobility and range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage

Many clients I treat ask for deep tissue massage quoting the old adage “no pain, no gain”. Although this may be true to some degree, having experienced a deep tissue massage myself from an inexperienced massage therapist some years ago I discovered first hand that it is a technique that should only be used when absolutely necessary.

When performed appropriately, deep tissue massage can produce some amazing results. Many of us have scar tissue and adhesions in the deeper layers of muscles from past traumas. These can manifest as postural problems, causing referred patterns of pain and dysfunction.

Deep tissue work breaks up these adhesions allowing the individual muscle fibres to move freely, thus improving posture and range of motion.

Lymphatic Drainage

Most people know very little about lymphatics, even though it is one of the most important systems in the body. It is responsible for our immune system and for removing and filtering toxins and waste products from our cells.

If our lymphatic system becomes blocked all sorts of problems can manifest. In fact it is thought that as many as 80% of common illnesses and ailments may be caused by a dysfunctional lymphatic system.

Lymphatic drainage is an extremely gentle form of massage that focuses on clearing the blockages and transporting the excess lymph fluid back to the venous system. Regular lymphatic drainage can be beneficial to a wide range of conditions including chronic edema, persistent cold & flu, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and auto-immune diseases such as Lyme disease.

Most clients who receive a lymphatic drainage session for the first time are usually surprised at just how effective this therapy can be.

Hot Stone Massage

The powerful antidote of stress is relaxation.  Hot stone massage is perfect for the treatment of your stress, anxiety, insomnia, poor circulation, and muscle pain. It takes away stress, calms the mind that causes anxiety, helps to induce sleep, and relieves muscle pain.

Hot stone massage is widely used in most healing spas nowadays. What is a hot stone massage? It is an ancient kind of healing using smooth heated stones during a massage session. Placement of hot stones on the body helps the tight muscles to release. Its relaxing effect brings a mental and spiritual wellness.

The stones are placed on the energy  key points of the body. The heat of the stones warms up the body and releases energy from the muscle. The stones used are of the mineral basalt. Why basalt? It is a kind of igneous rocks that came from cooled molten lava. Basalt stones are contain iron and good heat retention properties that last for a long periods of time. It is safe to use because they are smooth and usually flat.

There are two ways in using hot stones. First is the stationary stones that placed on the body to warm up tissue. Stationary stones are placed in the palm of the hands, between the toes, along the spine, and on the belly. Second is by using the stones themselves while massaging the client.

Its warmth relaxes the muscle, helps with good circulation, and soothing the mind. The stones create a thermo-therapeutic effect in the circulatory system to help the body detoxify and eventually heal.  Hot stone massage is profoundly calming and relaxing that releases tension out from every muscle tissue.

It is effective to those who are experiencing insomnia because it makes the mind at ease. People who are suffering from stress find this an excellent therapeutic process.   Anxiety is also being released. This therapeutic effect brings spiritual and mental wellness. A hot stone massage experience gives you a meditative personal vacation from a stressful way of life.

The physical wellness of a hot stone massage can ease the lingering pain from back pains and arthritis. It also promotes good circulation and keeps your heart healthy. This maintains a calming effect to your nervous system and improves overall good health.

A massage using hot stones is stress buster.  Clients are encouraged to attend several massage sessions as the benefits of massage are increased achieved over time.

Zero Gravity Massage

This is the perfect way to have a beneficial massage for those people who do not like “others” touching them. The chair offers 8 modalities of massage in four short cycles lasting 20 minutes in total.
Appointments (300 words) Many people feel uncomfortable with ‘hands on massage’ and that is why Essentials In Life has the top of the line Zero Gravity Massage Chair. You are able to experience the benefits of massage for relaxation/de-stress, muscle tension and pain, improved blood flow and lymphatic flow.

There are 4 cycles of 6 – 8 different massage techniques during a 20 minute session depending on the program choice. Our clients “love” the chair and can’t wait to have their sessions; especially following the Infrared Therapy Sauna.

It is NOT the vibrating chair you see in the department stores or airports. Although after sitting in an airplane for 3 or more hours I agree that would feel fantastic to stiff muscles.

Bookings are scheduled at 1 hour intervals as may clients have requested two sessions for a 40 minute treatment in all. My clients were surprised and pleased with their experience and I know that you will be too.

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