Lose Weight and Get Fit – VOL 4

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Organzing your kitchen

Organizing your kitchen

Lose Weight and Get Fit – VOL 4  


Staples for the Pantry, Fridge and Freezer


For our series on Lose Weight and Get Fit – VOL 4, we discuss the importance of  planning and organizing your kitchen. Having the basics of staples for the pantry, fridge and freezer on hand at all times will insure that you can whip up nourishing meals at any time without stress.  I find that most people aren’t prepared and eat out or get take out for the following reasons.

  •    Don’t know how to cook
  •    Don’t know what to cook
  •    Bored with typical meal plans
  •    Feel time poor
  •    Quick convenience
  •    Don’t have the basics in their kitchens

Whether you are single, a couple or a family there will be times that the thought of what to cook is a bigger challenge than actually making it.  Weekly meal planning helps reduce that stress. Then again, being human, we change our minds with our moods. Now that is not bad, it is important to be flexible with meals.  When you are working towards a healthier food balance it helps to maintain the basics at home for ease of cooking without yielding to fast foods, take out or dining out as often.

Another great help is having a few “good” cookbooks at hand.  I don’t mean the kind of “restaurant” or “gourmet” specialty cookbooks that will rarely be opened.  Select cookbooks that you are likely to use and use regularly.  Quick and easy recipes for those times when you are time poor and choice challenged and cookbooks that offer course suggestions; and cookbooks with your favourite foods are best chosen to start with. The My Kitchen Rules Chefs’ always say “it is more important to learn how to cook each food properly and simply and not worry about being pretentious”.

Maintaining foods for your pantry, fridge and freezer will keep you on track and reduce costs. Keep an ongoing shopping list on your fridge so when you use something it is quicker to note it needs replacing than it is to go through your entire pantry, fridge and freezer!



The following oils and vinegar will let you create and cook everything from salad dressings, to basic sautés and stir fry’s.

Oils and Vinegars:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Spray                                   Low-sodium soy sauce

Virgin Coconut Oil and Spray                                        Rice vinegar

Walnut Oil                                                                        Balsamic vinegar

Sesame Oil                                                                       Red wine vinegar

White and Cider vinegars

Seasoning Staples:

These are the most common spices called for in most recipes I use. I’ve also included everything you need to make your own taco seasoning!

Garlic Powder                                                                Dried Rosemary

Onion Powder                                                               Dried Sage

Garlic Salt                                                                      Dried Marjoram

Cayenne Pepper                                                           Poultry Seasoning

Chilli Powder                                                                 Steak Seasoning

Cumin                                                                            Cloves

Dried Oregano                                                              Dried Basil

Dried Thyme                                                                 Onion Flakes

Dried Parsley                                                                Nutmeg

Paprika                                                                          Cinnamon

Grill Seasoning                                                              All Spice

Red Chilli Pepper Flakes                                             Salt

Curry Powder


Baking Staples:

 You should be able to make any basic cookie or cake recipe with the following items on hand.

Baking Soda                                                                   Brown Sugar

Baking Powder                                                              Powdered Sugar

Semi-sweet chocolate chips                                         Raw Sugar

Plain Flour                                                                     Castor Sugar

All Purpose Flour                                                          Yeast

Cocoa Powder                                                                Corn Starch

Dried Fruit/nuts                                                            Almond Meal / Flour

Old Fashioned Oats                                                      Gelatine – sugar free

Vanilla Extract


Shelf Stable Items:

These items are great for making soups, stews, pastas, crock pot meals, and casseroles.

Chicken Broth                                                                Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Stock

Marinara Sauce                                                              Bread Crumbs

Tomato Sauce                                                                 Honey

Tomato Paste                                                                  Maple Syrup

Diced Tomatoes                                                              Jasmine Rice

Black Beans                                                                     Wild Rice Blend

Baked Beans                                                                    Brown Basmati Rice

Coconut Milk                                                                   Spaghetti and Cut Pastas

Salsa                                                                                 Peanut Butter

Asparagus – canned                                                        Cereals

Popcorn kernels



Any fruits and vegetables not requiring refrigeration should be on your counter. You are more apt to use and eat them when seen.

Garlic                                                                                  Eggplant

Onions                                                                               Celery

Potatoes                                                                             Cucumber

Swedes                                                                              Pumpkin

Sweet Potato                                                                     Bananas

Apples                                                                                Grapes

Oranges                                                                             Any veggie or fruit of your choice


Refrigerator Staples:

Mark your calendar for every two months to check use by dates.

Butter                                                                                Milk

Jam                                                                                    Ginger Paste

Potatoes                                                                            Tortillas

Cheddar cheese                                                               Mozzarella Cheese

Parmesan cheese                                                             Ricotta Cheese

Bacon                                                                                Sour Cream

Dijon mustard                                                                 Garlic Paste

Hot sauce                                                                         BBQ Sauce

Worcestershire sauce                                                     Chilli Sauce

Buffalo sauce                                                                   Tomato Sauce (Ketchup)

Mayonnaise                                                                     Yogurt

Mushrooms                                                                     Fresh veggies (requiring refrigeration)

Filo Pastry


Freezer Staples:

Stock up on fruits and veggies to make smoothies and stir-fry’s on the fly. Buy frozen meat and fish on sale then thaw in the fridge for 24 hours before you want to use. Reheat bagels and breads for 20 seconds in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel, then toast like normal.

Frozen Carrots, Peas, Beans, Broccoli, Corn, etc.

Mince options: Beef, Turkey, Chicken or Turkey, etc.

Ice Cream


Fish and Seafood options



Bagels / English Muffins

Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Pork cuts or roasts


Now that you have the “foundation” for a handy and supportive kitchen you can develop fantastic dishes for you, your family and friends. Get out a cookbook and have a quick peruse for a dish that interests you or starts your mouth watering. The point of this exercise is to have you prepared for making tasty meals and reducing the number of dine outs, fast foods and take away.


The more you practice, the more competent and self assured you will become.  You may just find yourself the Master Chef of your kitchen if you aren’t already.


Here’s hoping you’re the “HOT STUFF” in the kitchen!

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