Lifestyle Habits of a Successful Week

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When you are working on better food, fitness and lifestyle habits there are more elements to success than just a loss on the scales. If you can tick one or more from the list below you are on the road to SUCCESS. Remember many small changes add up to a huge improvement in your weight, health and well-being.

Practice leads to Success

Practice Leads to Success

Eating Habits

  • I followed the recommended healthy meal plan to the best of my ability
  • I drank 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily
  • I ate a minimum of two fruits each day and at least 3 or more vegetables
  • I ate a balance of food from all food groups
  • I ate regular meals and snacks through the day
  • I said NO to temptation when I really wanted to say YES
  • I tried a new food
  • I have stopped adding high sugar foods and high fat foods to my shopping cart
  • I keep to one or two alcoholic drinks instead of bingeing
  • I am cooking healthier foods and really enjoying it
  • I am choosing healthier food options when I eat out – alone or with friends

Activity Habits

  • I had a session with my personal trainer this week
  • I exercised at least three times this week
  • I increased my strength training this week
  • I increased the duration or intensity of my cardio workouts this week
  • I exercised when I really wasn’t in the mood and felt better for it

Body Changes

  • I lost CM this week
  • My clothes feel more loose
  • I had to buy a smaller size this week in clothes
  • I started taking baggy clothes from my closet
  • My stomach looks flatter
  • I see changes in my shape
  • My cellulite is less
  • I have a healthier tone to my skin and less blemishes

Special Benefits

  • I have more energy
  • I slept better
  • I am less moody and have more focus
  • I was complimented on how I look this week
  • I feel more sexy
  • I achieved more this week than I thought I could
  • I really like myself
  • I am achieving my goals one at a time
  • My family and friends are happy for me
  • I smile more

Lifestyle Habits of a Successful Week

So how many could you tick this week? High Five to YOU! You have had a Successful Week!

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