When people are considering changing their lifestyle…the questions are usually…

1. What is my style?
2. How do I do it?
3. Why do I want/need to?

I recommend we start with #3 first. If you’re unhappy or un-nurtured with your current lifestyle – you know that something is missing. Your habits and beliefs don’t coincide with your emotions and inner self. Figuring the “why” is the first step.

Question #1 will naturally follow. Your “style” is you! It’s your attitude, personal habits and behaviours, your presentation, etc. It is the honest essence of you and how you live; even the people you want to associate with which brings out the best in you and makes you happy and fulfilled.

Question #2 is a bit of a challenge. Often we live a life that is expected of us, follow traditions from our culture or that are mainstream; and we naturally have an internal fight against change, what others may think and possible failure.

When making lifestyle changes do not expect an overnight accomplishment. Yes, you can convert to vegan overnight and never eat meat again…but what got you there first. This is just a single small component of a lifestyle change. You had to do steps to get you there.

What’s important to lifestyle change is that your deepest wishes, dreams and desires are being satisfied. This takes time and practice and involves all areas of your life.
Think of yourself in a uniform…nearly everyone you know is wearing the same thing; now you have a chance to change out of that into what is really you. So what will you be? Become the person that you desire and even when wearing a uniform your true self will shine through.

Seeking help from a life coach will help you define the real you if you’re in doubt. If change is what you want…but you’re afraid, a coach can help you with confidence skills as well. If you need to make changes sooner rather than later a coach can assist you with a time plan of action and accountability.

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