Learn What it Really Takes to Lose Weight & Get Fit – Part 2

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Part 2

You have had a week to get your Mental Aspect (Vol 1) completed in your journal or on computer. So how did it go?  What did you learn about yourself, your food behaviour patterns and lifestyle?  For most of you it should be an eye opener!  These are just a few of the questions you should have considered in the first segment:

  • Are you an emotional eater?
  • Do you eat too fast?
  • Do you multitask while you’re eating?
  • Do you eat anything available for the sake of eating or do you eat what you really want to eat?
  • Do you eat more or differently when with others or dining out?
  • Are you a junk food junkie?
  • Do you eat fairly balanced meals at regular times through the day?

Volume 2 of the series – Preparation to Success.

Let’s start with your thinking. This is different from the previous exercise in that you are moving forward because you now understand your past patterns and attitudes.  Now it is time for HUGE changes in:

Your Thinking and Terminology

There are many terms out there – planning, goal setting, dream setting, structuring, foundation programming, strategizing, actioning and at least a dozen more.  What counts is what that word or phrase means for YOU. If you are “goal” setting and that phrase ‘goal setting’ is abhorrent or even uncomfortable to you – you will falter frequently and are unlikely to succeed.

Think about what terms, phrases or quotes fill you with inspiration, motivation; or, even, just excite you a bit?  Maybe, it is about love, quality, value, results, vision, experience, journey, success and etc.  Use words that make you feel good – that motivate you – that keep you on track to achieving permanent success.

Utilize positive phrases and terms that are part of your true core values and rid yourself of the negative talk that sabotages or inhibits your desires. When you find a words or quotes that make you feel positive and proactive write them down and put them in prominent places. Remember to use them for those ‘doubting times’.

Each and every time you find yourself having negative thoughts or speaking negatively…STOP immediately and turn it into a positive one.  For example, “I haven’t lost any weight this week.” Change to “I have lost weight 4 weeks in a row and my mirror is showing it or my clothes are too loose!” Or “I may not have lost weight this week but I feel fantastic and the scales will catch up next week!”

A quote by Mahatma Gandhi:

“Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”

In your journal or computer use a page for the types of things that you think or say to yourself or others that are negative and beside it – rewrite it in a positive way.  This exercise will help you formulate a thinking and speaking pattern for success. Once you have rewritten your negative to a positive…then you will easily remember it when you need it!

Recognize, Appreciate and Reward

Whatever you are seeking to achieve you must recognize your and others efforts and reward yourself and others as you reach milestones in your process to success. Some of the primary failings for people on a personal growth journey, in any form, are when appreciations, recognitions and rewards times tend to come only when they reach their goal.  And because of this – many people will never reach their dream. 

We all want, need and should have a cheering section along the road. However, for every mile taken, for every skill learned, for every person that provided assistance in reaching our goal we must take time to appreciate, recognize and reward during the process.  These three things are part of the foundation for success. Don’t ignore how you are overcoming the challenges along the way because you haven’t reached the final goal yet. Celebrate your accomplishments and celebrate those that helped you get to that step.

Think about what things you would like as a reward – keep it uncomplicated! Maybe taking some time out for a manicure, going to the movies with your support pal, or a romantic dinner with your partner; it doesn’t have to be expensive or involved. Just do it and do it regularly!

Make a list of things that would make you feel good, keep the list handy and add to it every few days or when you think of something. Write a reward on your calendar for every week and make sure that you take advantage of it. Consider putting it on the one day of the week that you weigh yourself or the day that you do the grocery shopping. However, don’t forget to be spontaneous with reward times…these are often the most fun.

Make a note on your calendar or in your journal of every time someone makes a comment on how you look. Remember it might not be that you are losing weight but that you are looking really good, or younger or “what are you doing – you look different!”  Thank them graciously and say that you are different and feeling fantastic! You don’t need to go into further detail unless you want to add them to your cheering section! 

FYI – a tidbit of personal trivial information.  My partner of 23 years (at the time) kept asking me if I had a new hairstyle or new make up; and that was only if we were going out for the rare event! The fact that I had lost over 40 kilograms over the previous year was NEVER commented on, nor the new clothes, my fantastic energy levels or my sky rocketing self esteem and self confidence, etc..  I went from a size 22 to a size 12!  That could be one of the reasons that he became my ex partner within a year later! J There are two schools of thought on that…1) he loved me so much that it didn’t matter what size I was…or 2) he was so focused on his personal stuff that he truly never noticed or cared.  Of course, I choose to believe #1!  

Next part of the series will be  on your kitchen & home preparation.  Until then.. Live Life at Your Best!


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