Get Off The Yo-Yo Diet Wagon And Enjoy Real Lasting Results

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End the Yo-Yo Diet

Jumping from one fad diet to the next latest fad diet can result in temporary weight loss, but how long does the weight stay off or come back on; sometimes gaining more than before! Wouldn’t it be great to lose weight and keep it off!

The majority of overweight people have tried multiple forms of diets, exercise machines, pills, potions and powders with varying degrees of success. There are literally thousands of ‘weight loss’ products, programs, diets, gadgets and supplements being used every minute of each day.

Look at what you have tried and your results. Why were you successful…or not? Many times the program was too difficult to maintain, cost was prohibitive, was too extreme a variance from your lifestyle or possibly even made you ill or injured.

The simplest form of good health is daily practice of better choices in food, exercise, habits and mind set. Willpower is not something you create or get from others…it is a choice you make at any given time. Will I grab the high sugary food or will I grab a piece of fruit for my sweet tooth?

Our habits from child hood, culture, family structures, busy lifestyles and media misinformation are the leading factors for not getting permanent results. For example:

  • Clean your plate: WHY? The children of an impoverished country will not be less hungry because you ate everything on your plate!
  • Dining out: You eat everything because you paid for it. WHY? If you were satisfied or full 15 minutes before everything was gone or before dessert why continue? If you want it that badly take a doggy bag home.
  • Don’t have time to eat:WHY? Could you prepare your food in advance and take 15-20 minutes to heat and eat?
  • Costs too much to eat healthy: WHY? A box of healthy cereal might cost around $5 and milk might cost you $3 but you will get at least two weeks out of a box of cereal and over a week from the milk. Or you could spend over $8 a day for a fast food brekky and coffee.
  • Don’t have time to exercise: WHY? You can exercise during commercials and in a single one hour TV program you will have exercised for close to 20 minutes; plus you get to rest between exercises!  And, if you are exercising you aren’t eating snacks!
  • Protein vs Carb diet: WHY? Our bodies have adapted to carbs since we have been on this planet. The same thing with fats – we are naturally carnivores. As with most things it is a balance… of food groups with activities, of natural whole foods with less processed foods. Vegetarians are not necessarily healthier or without weight issues.

Take time to look at your habits and mind set when starting a health regimen and look at changes in these first, then add your food and exercise components. You will be surprised at how much of a difference this will make from temporary to permanent results reports Connie Gersteling from Essentials In Life Wellness Centre.


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