Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Life?

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Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life? This could mean that you are having difficulty making decisions, procrastination, weight issues, inability to make friends or long term loving relationships, or career decisions?  It could very well be due to a sense of prior injustice or trauma. It doesn’t matter whether you are having trouble forgiving someone else or yourself. Continuing to harbor and relive past memories are guaranteed to impact your life in negative ways:

  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • weight issues,
  • poor health,
  • insomnia,
  • hypertension,
  • mood swings,
  • learning or behavioural problems,
  • achieving your goals in life
  • and so much more.

Do you really want or need that in your life?

Whatever your beliefs in a higher power is, the old adage ‘What goes around – comes around’; meaning there will always be a balance is finite. The higher power will deal with that person in an appropriate way; even if it that means letting them off the hook.  The outcome of their life has nothing to do with you holding a grudge. However, the outcome in your life, if you remain tied to the hurt, will actually deplete your life of happiness, being connected with others and likely cause illness.

Your ego is on a big trip if you think that when you choose to not forgive someone, that you have the ability to punish them. What you are really feeling and saying is you have some sort of power over them. You don’t!  If you think that by saying “I forgive you”, you decree that you are pronouncing them “free” of your resentment. That isn’t forgiveness – that’s your ego talking.

Forgiveness is not stating that ‘whatever’ happened is free and forgotten, now let’s shake hands. What we call forgiveness is simply letting go of the ‘victim status’ you are living in.  It is not placing judgment on other people or yourself.  You and others may judge the situation as “bad” or “wrong”, but in releasing it or forgiving, what occurred is simply what occurred. It’s over. It’s done. It’s history.  How liberating to the mind and body that is!

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Be in the present and enjoy your life!

There are those who say “when you are truly ‘conscious’ you will realize nothing “bad”, “negative” or “evil” happened at all. In fact, what happened didn’t happen TO you but FOR you. It happened to help you to awaken and grow. It was part of your life lesson to bring you to where you are right now and to allow you to let go of your “story” of victimization.” For those people who are not on a higher path to spiritual self awareness that thought process is very foreign and could be described as an insensitive insult to whatever ordeal you went through and are still living with. However, you can use the experience for growth in a positive way.

So if you are stuck in any area of your life, take a look at your unwillingness to forgive yourself or others and just let it go!  Realize you have no real power over the perpetrator as that is your ego talking. You have to release it and move on. On that note, just saying I forgive once will not do the trick. It is a process to release a hurt that has been there for months or for many years. You have the ability to do this but it is a good idea to get help with the process.

Personal Coaching is a great place to start transforming yourself from chronic victim to a survivor living in happiness and wellbeing. You will be able to acknowledge, accept and release the pain or guilt that has kept you trapped in a constant state of unhappiness and limiting your personal development and desires.

There will be a certain population that will require more in-depth mental health treatments then what a personal coach can offer and referrals to appropriate therapies would be arranged. Personal coaching deals with acceptance of the issue and to developing the skills with moving on in your life. Coaching does not analyse the individual parts of the event and keep you in a place of reliving until you gain closure, which can often take several years of therapy.

If you are dealing with an issue that has held you back from achieving the life you want consider Personal Coaching.  Make an appointment for a complimentary and no-obligation Introduction to Coaching session and see if this is right for you.

Call now 02 4731 5894.  It costs you nothing but your time and could be the process you need to LIVE LIFE AT YOUR BEST!

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