Entitlements and Obligations  (Terms and Conditions)

Essentials in Life, its practitioners and employees hold you, our client, in the highest regard. Our services are tailored to you specifically.  Our goal is your success and we want you to enjoy all aspects of your relationship with Essentials in Life.

Our services and programs have been developed and packaged for optimum results.  Essentials In Life is committed to helping you achieve your goals and as such we expect our clients to also commit to the programs and the term (duration) of the program they have chosen.

By completing and signing the Service Agreement and signing the Entitlements and Obligations Policy, you agree to be bound by the following:

Payment Policy

Payments are expected on a weekly basis for packages, or on the date of service; unless paid in full or unless prior arrangements have been specifically approved by Essentials In Life.

  • Payment for service/s is due at the time of the service in the form or cash, cheque, direct deposit or by PayPal (online).
  • A payment arrangement can be designed for a package of services with agreed dates for payments.
  • Payments not made on the agreed date will require the service to be rescheduled, unless specific prior arrangements have been made.
  • Default on a cheque deposited will incur the costs placed by the bank to us plus a $25 fee, to the client. The amount of the service, plus bank costs and the penalty fee must be paid prior to any future services.  If this occurs twice, upfront cash payments will be required for all future services.

Client Entitlements and Obligations 


  • As an Essentials in Life ‘Client’, you are entitled, during the agreed term to receive only products or services provided by Essentials in Life in accordance with your signed agreement and your chosen service.
  • Duration of your agreement is a “term agreement”, which is a commitment by you and Essentials In Life, for the period noted on the Service Agreement.
  • Renewal or changes to programs will require an updated Service Agreement and the rules of Cancellation of Agreement will again be enforced.
  • You acknowledge that you have been thoroughly interviewed regarding your health history, including food, activity and lifestyle; and that you have answered truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.
  • You are obligated, at all times during your relationship with Essentials in Life, to inform us of changes in your health, or if there is a risk to your health by participating in any service offered.
  • You acknowledge, if it is determined, during your Health Interview we feel a medical clearance is required prior to a service, you will obtain written clearance from your health practitioner on their letterhead and present it to us prior to service or treatment.
  • At Essentials In Life, we insure that you receive every service, treatment and product as agreed upon when you purchased your package options; and keep diligent records of each visit and the services done at that time. A copy of this record is available to you at any time.
  • We assure your privacy and confidentiality at all times unless you personally and in writing agree to let Essentials In Life use a photo or provide your name for publication.
  • You commit to keeping your appointments as scheduled unless there are truly unforeseen circumstances.
  • You commit to arriving on time and prepared for your treatments or sessions as outlined in the Service Recommendation Protocols.

 Cancellation of Agreement and Refunds 

  • Cool Off Period:    You must present in person to cancel your agreement/contract within (7) seven days from signing.  Seven days includes the date of signature.  A full refund will be made to you within 48 hours or two business days.
  • Outside of the 7 day period:   A cancellation fee of $100 is charged, plus the cost of any service/s or treatment/s, products received or ordered at their full, individual service or product price; regardless if the services or products were purchased under a ‘special’ or package option.
  • Incapacity:  If you notify Essentials in Life, in writing, that your are unable to continue with the contracted services due to long term (6 months or more) incapacity and provide a medical certificate to substantiate the permanent incapacity; you are entitled to a refund of monies paid;  LESS any provided services or treatments or products purchased or ordered.

Deferral of Services 

  • Within a contracted period of time, Essentials in Life can allow deferral of up to 4 weeks for travel or illness. Prior notice of intent to defer is required.  If related to illness, Essentials in Life requires a medical certificate stating dates of incapacity.

Not Showing or Short Notice Cancellation of Appointments 

  • 24 hours notice is appreciated and required if unable to attend a scheduled session or appointment.  Notification in less than the 24 hours or if no notice is provided, Essentials in Life will charge the client for that service unless the appointment is rescheduled and attended within 3 days of the original appointment.

Conduct Unbecoming and Breach of Contract 


  • Any conduct that damages the reputation of Essentials in Life is a breach of contract and will terminate your association with Essentials in Life.  The authorities will be notified and charges related to any damage will be your responsibility.  This could include but is not limited to the following:
    • Theft of property, be it the Property of Essentials in Life, visitor (supplier, vendor or another patron).
    • Physical or verbal assault or abuse levelled at any employee or person in, on or around the premises of Essentials in Life.
    • Wilful damage to property of Essentials in Life or to property belonging to another patron, or company or any associate person.
    • Sexual  gestures, innuendo, or inappropriate touching.
    • Website, email or social media hacking.
    • Inappropriate media comment including language, images or innuendo which would be considered defamatory.

 Amendments to Services and Facilities 

  • Essentials in Life retains the right to alter, delay or suspend starting times, appointment times, and services as necessary.  Prior notice to our clients will be at least 24 hours, unless in the case of extreme emergency.
  • Essentials In Life will make every effort to reschedule your appointment within 48 hours at a time convenient for you.  If that is not possible, Essentials In Life will discount or provide a complimentary service at your next scheduled appointment.

 Declaration and Warning – Exclusion of Liability 

  • Essentials in Life is not responsibility for your personal belongings/property.  We make every effort to insure your belongings are not in an area that could be accessed by anyone else.
  • You acknowledge and understand that certain treatments may involve a risk if you have not identified any contraindications prior to the treatment.  By signing the waiver of liability you release Essentials in Life, the owner, employees, and their related entities and representatives from responsibilities of damage, illness or personal injury (fatal or otherwise).

 Code of Ethics and Best Practice Standards 

  • Essentials in Life abide by the International Standards of Best Practice and Code of Ethics for all our services. If you feel that you have not been treated in accordance with these standards, you have recourse available to you to lodge a concern.  A copy of this notice is visible to everyone in the presentation folder in the waiting area with details on reporting.  A copy can be made available to our clients at any time.
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