Dining Out – Yummy Buffets Can be Your Foodie Friend

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Yummy Buffets Can be Your Foodie Friend!

With winter approaching comfort eating tends to increase. What offers more tempting comfort choices than dining out at a well presented buffet? Yummmm! We all know of at least one great hotel, club or restaurant that offers a spread of food fit for the royals. When lifting that plate, getting in line and eyeing the HUGE selection of appealing foods (that we didn’t have to cook) there are really only two choices… 1) eat smart or 2) binge. You don’t have to pack on weight if you regularly enjoy eating buffet style.  Yummy Buffets Can be Your Foodie Friend,  the keys to staying on a healthy track are:

  • Mind set
  • Food selection
  • Behavior

Eating out healthily

Hey, I love a good buffet – no matter what time of the year! In fact, just thinking about it and I am ready to call for reservations! I also know I don’t want to pack on the pounds/kilos. There are some simple rules to enjoying guilt free buffet meals. Cornell University studied the practices of people eating at buffets which are quite illuminating. The study revealed that typically two thirds of an individual’s plate is filled with the first 3 items they choose at the buffet table. The study also found that folks are more apt to choose foods similar to the first item they put on their plate, so if the first item is a healthy choice, it’s much more likely that you will follow up that choice by placing another healthy food item on your plate. Now, how can you apply this simple finding to your weight watching, thigh slimming and belly-flattening efforts?

  • First, do some recon of all the food choices before picking up your dinnerware.
  • In winter, start with a soup. It starts the hydration process, (it’s hot comfort food), a bit filling and generally low in calories if you choose a vegetable based option.
  • Then plate up with veggies or salads and lean proteins only. (High fibre and low calories.)
  • Restrict the serves of battered or fried foods.
  • Watch your portion sizes, choose from all food groups and eat slowly!
  • Choose your carbs wisely. What do you want to compliment your meal? If you’re planning on dessert limit your starchy carb intake during the meal. Eat half the dessert or share with a friend!
  • Drink water with your meal instead of soft drinks or juices.
  • Stop eating when satisfied not when you are stuffed!

Yes, buffets can be your best foodie friend when following these simple strategies! Remember use caution if you pick up the plate and head down line taking a bit of everything; as it is likely you will add more food to your plate and more inches/cms to your hips!

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