A Personal and Professional Life Coach initial consultation involves a discussion of the reason/s for your crossroad or distress, approach to life, work, your desired outcome and dreams, relationships impact and more. Think of it as a fact finding mission for both you and the coach. This is the session that the Coach is able to learn about you and your issue and the time where you can learn more about how Life Coaching can help you process through it. During the session the Coach is your partner in helping you achieve solutions to your life’s problem, career issue, etc. The Initial Info Consult is approximately 60 minutes.

So what happens with ongoing sessions you may ask? We start the coaching process with chunking down the problem to its base core. Once that is identified and acknowledged we start a step by step per session process that the client undertakes to move forward to reach their desired outcome. The onus is on the client to do the work and the Coach is the support, mentor and helps to set the timeline so that you are moving on continuously.

It is important to note that “forever” coaching is not the Life Coach’s goal. As a Coach, I want to partner with a client so that they won’t need me. Once the new skills are learned, the client will then have the tools necessary to use throughout their life. There may be other crossroads in that person’s life when a Life Coach would be a benefit. From experience, once you have worked with a Coach and have seen the results you are more likely to follow that path again. You know you will achieve a desired outcome in less than half the time with less stress and more focus.

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