Why Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

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Why beauty is more than skin deep

There is nothing wrong with ME!

The many hundreds of dollars most women spend on beauty treatments each year will produce the best results if you have taken care of the most fundamental part of your beauty regime, and that is your general wellbeing. Get this right and you will positively glow!

Unfortunately, women (and men) of all ages will spend any amount of money for beauty treatments to appear younger, trimmer, smoother, and etc. The lasting effects of these treatments, if nonsurgical, are likely to last from a few hours to a few weeks and then will need to be repeated. It is understandable that we love the fact that almost instantly we can be looking great, even if it is for brief time.

We can increase external beauty for years and reduce the need and frequency of these beauty therapies by taking care of our own health and wellness regimen each day. Here are a few tips which will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year:


Hydration will reduce signs of early ageing, cellulite, dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes, increase energy, reduce cravings, increase metabolism and reduce digestive problems. Keep hydrated throughout the day and reduce toxin buildup!


Poor sleep patterns cause difficulty in concentration, poor motor control symptoms, lower immune system, increased stress levels, mood swings, poor eating patterns and food choices.


We all know that a balanced diet through the day will increase energy levels, improve metabolism, improve our immune system and helps prevent disease.


30 minutes a day on average can make a huge difference in your life and wellness. Exercise builds lean muscle and burns fat, provides a boost in energy levels, aids in a deep and rejuvenating sleep; and helps rid the body of toxins.

Sun exposure

Peaches and cream complexion or tanned leather? Where does your skin texture fall? We need the sun to actually be healthy but overdoing it will show on your skin. Enjoy a tan by all means but look to tanning before the hottest parts of the day. Be kinder to your skin and use bronzers for that special glow.

Mind and Spirit

When we feel good on the inside it shows on the outside in our daily lives with improved work performance, ability to manage stress, our self confidence, and general happiness. Our mental wellness is as important as food in helping us to reduce signs of ageing. Look closely at your friends…those that are content and happy with their lives actually look younger than those who are constantly at odds with their life. Be selective and happy with relationships as well as in your work and life balance.

The listed items above are things that you can control through some simple adaptations in your life. It costs less to take care of beauty through the foundation of good health than it will to reverse the signs and problems of ageing. The great thing is, no matter what your age is, you can actually reduce and possibly reverse some ageing symptoms by taking care of your body, mind and spirit.

Make your own fountain of youth with good health practices. You will look, see and feel the difference in no time. There is nothing wrong in wanting to stay youthful and there is nothing wrong in ageing gracefully – it all starts with your attitude and habits.


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