How long is a session or treatment?

Sessions, also known as treatments, run between 30 and 40 minutes. Our clients listen to relaxing music, read a book or just ‘zen out’ for that important quiet time.  Enjoy 30 minutes of “Me Time” that has multiple health benefits.  You will become obsessed with Infrared Therapy once you experience the results.  Just two to three sessions per week will have you feeling like a whole new person! This therapy is a perfect partner to Health and Weight Management and to Ultrasound Fat Cavitation Treatments.

Where are sessions held?

Generally all sessions will be held at Essentials In Life Wellness Centre at 156 Derby Street, Penrith. Parking is street side or in the driveway. There may be occasions where sessions will be held offsite in which case prior notice will be advised and all participants will meet at that location.

How many friends, family or co-workers can attend with me?

Sessions are on a first come first served basis. A group session must have at least three participants or it will not be held. Should there be more than 6 people interested in a particular session, either another day will be considered or an earlier or later time on the same day will be scheduled to provide the session.

How many people are in a group?

There is a maximum of six people per group session. This is the perfect number to keep the sessions to about an hour.

Is there a contract?

Yes, there is a term contract of 3 months (13 weeks) which can be renewed at the end of each term. See Essentials In Life’s general Terms & Conditions.

What are the Costs?
  • $60 Start Up Consultation and Services (photos, m/m and health assessment) One on One Appointment for privacy and confidentiality.
  • $30 per week club sessions (Includes foods & beverages)
  • $10 surcharge if no show (covers the cost of food prepared)
  • Payment is expected at the time of service. Paypal, direct deposit or by cash.
How long will Coaching be necessary?

The period of time that a client will use a coach is like determining – “how long is a piece of string?”  In other words, it takes as long as the client needs to learn the skills and get on track with their goal.  As you go through life there may be times when a coach would be beneficial again. The client and coach relationship could be a few months to a year or more.

How long are the sessions?

The length of a session will fluctuate from the average of about one hour to several hours. Again this time period is determined by what is happening in the life of the client.  Initial sessions are usually 2 hours or more as this is the foundation time for defining the true needs of the client.

How are sessions determined?

Sessions are determined according to the individual to the needs of each client.  The frequency and duration of individual coaching sessions and ancillary contacts can vary greatly. Initially, weekly sessions are often the norm and this has the added benefit of building the relationship between coach and client.

When face to face sessions are not practical, scheduled phone time sessions are recommended.  It is extremely important that the momentum for change is maintained.  Ancillary contacts maintained through Skype, emails and phone communications are scheduled for the convenience and practicality for both client and coach.

Is this fat loss permanent?

Cavitation action breaks down the fat and the body will excrete it through the lymphatic and blood systems and as an energy source.  Fat loss is more likely to be permanent as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This therapy was not designed to be the “cure” for fat loss.

How many areas can be done at one time?

Again, this depends on “where” the target areas are. At Essentials In Life, we limit treatments to two areas at one time.  The duration of the treatment is now a minimum of 90 minutes to 2 hours.  For example, we would do a face, neck and arms, or arms and thighs or face and abdomen; a light area and a full area. Consult with the technician for more information.

This protocol is for your general well-being and to allow the body to use or excrete the liquified fat.  Sessions done too frequently can overload the lymphatic system causing a myriad of “un-well” symptoms.

What results can I expect?

Immediate centimeter loss will happen in 90% of clients, but ongoing fat reduction causing centimeter loss will continue for approximately 3-4 days if you follow the eating and activity protocols.  Continuing to follow healthy practices will prevent fat recurring in that area.  The amount of centimeter loss per ultrasound fat cavitation treatment is not predictable. The average loss is 4-10 centimeters per treatment.

You will experience a smoother appearance to the skin and reduced shape in the treated area.  Cellulite is greatly reduced and even eliminated depending on the number of sessions.

In 10% of clients there may be no change during the session but the centimeter loss will happen over the next few days. This situation occurs because the targeted area will experience some interstitial swelling from the circular motion.

How many sessions are required?

Depending on the area, 6 -12 Ultrasound Fat Cavitation treatment sessions are recommended for optimal results.  Sessions must be at least five days apart.  At Essentials In Life, we recommend one Ultrasound Fat Cavitation session per week (every 6 – 7 days) for most body areas.  The face, neck and arms can be done as early as every five days.

How long does a session take?

Session times vary according to the target area.  Most treatments sessions are approximately 45-60 minutes.  For facial treatments the sessions are usually 30 minutes.

There is no down time as the treatments are non-invasive. You can return to your daily routine immediately.

What do the treatments feel like?

The first thing we do is map the target area and take measurements.  This is done by marking the spots where the treatment will be applied.  This helps the technician insure the full area is treated.

Most clients are in a fully reclining position, but again, this can vary according to the area. An imaging gel is then applied to the skin, and then the HIFU handle is gently moved in a circular motion or sweeping motion as the impulses penetrate to the fat and cause cavitation (simple explanation – a melting of the superficial layers of fat).

Clients can expect to feel a deep warmth that is comfortable but not hot.  At the initial session, the strength of the energy used is determined as everyone has a different comfort level threshold. Treatments feel like a warm gentle massage over the ‘target area’.

What if I have Asthma or Respiratory Problems?

Unlike steam saunas, people with asthma or other respiratory problems can take advantage of infrared therapy as it will not initiate any breathing distress and in fact often improves breathing.

NOTE:  Certain health conditions or medications may require medical clearance prior to Infrared Therapy.  For more information please consult Connie at Essentials In Life.

Will I feel confined?

Our unit is large enough to hold 3 users at once so there are no feelings of being enclosed or confined and has a large glass door.  At Essentials In Life, our clients use the Infrared Therapy solo (alone) and often enjoy reclining during the session and have been known to fall asleep.

How do I join?

Call Connie at 4731 5894 to book an initial info session (at no charge) to learn more about the program or to schedule your Start Up Consultation visit.

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