My name is Connie Gersteling and I would like to share a short Bio about myself and why I started Essentials In Life!

My background is in Nursing and for over 25 years I practiced in the United States. I started as a hospital staff nurse, worked my way up to Nursing Supervisor and eventually to a Clinical Practice Manager. I took every opportunity to learn new therapies and have worked in nearly every field of medicine. I became a Health and Nutrition Patient Educator, a Weight Management Specialist and have also obtained Master Life Coaching Certification.

In 2001, I moved to Australia and started working in the health and fitness industry as a weight management counselor; and then later as a fitness club manager for a national chain of women’s gyms. I’ve seen literally hundreds and hundreds of women go through the process of “fitness” in one form or another, only to rebound back to when they started. This Yo-Yo effect isn’t only in gyms or only by women. Men suffer the same issues. You find the same situation with many types of quick weight loss programs, over the counter Slimming products, shakes, pills, teas, online gimmicks, books and the list goes on and on!

The problem is obvious… those products and programs do not work on the ‘whole person’; and just as importantly – their lifestyle, upbringing, behaviour, cultural habits, attitude and emotional wellbeing. They are not addressing the underlying issues that caused the problem in the first place in conjunction with their “one stop fits all mentality” and they do not always support or hold the person responsible for their actions.

It doesn’t matter what continent you live on, people all share one thing in common – their individuality! Over the years working with patients or when talking with friends, co-workers or club members strong and similar themes kept surfacing: ‘Everything is too generic and meant for all.’ In the end, it all points to one thing – the total person is not being helped; because if it was, success would be nearly guaranteed! Whether it is food, lifestyle, work, relationships, habits, behaviours and etc. The fundamentals of action to success are similar; however, getting the best for the individual differs and that is where Essentials In Life comes in.

My passion and profession is to help people LIVE LIFE AT THEIR BEST! Understanding the importance of the ‘whole person’ – attitude, lifestyle and behaviour changes in the short and long term, are the keys to success for transformation in any form. Hence, Essentials In Life was born to provide the “individual” with the tools necessary for “their” wellbeing.

I urge you to take the time to review this website and to feel free to contact me via the contact page or by phone with any questions you may have.

My number one goal is your success and I look forward to working with you!



Diploma, Registered Professional Nurse
Northern Maine Community College
Patient Educator – Nutrition, Diabetes and General Health
Martin’s Point Health Care – Internal Training Program
Clinical Business Management
Martin’s Point Health Care – Internal Organisational Training Program
Clinical and Business Management Seminars and Workshops CEU’s
Weight Management Specialist Certification
Martin’s Point Health Care
CPR and First Aid – Senior Certification – maintained and current
Food Coaching Certification
Fernwood Women’s Health and Fitness Centres

Endermology Certification
Fernwood Women’s Health and Fitness Centres
Life Coach – Certification
American University of NLP
Master Life Coach Certification
American University of NLP
Business Management Certification IV
Business Enterprise Centre, Penrith
Ultrasound Body Sculpting (Fat Cavitation) Slimlux II Therapy Certification
The Global Beauty Group
Mpulse Sunlighten Sauna Therapy Certification (medical grade therapies)
Sunlighten Sauna

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