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Essentials in Life weight loss programs are tailored specifically to you, your health issues and lifestyle. For permanent results in weight loss 90% is a due to a change in mindset and 10% in eating patterns.

fat cavitation

Ultrasound Lipo reduction reduces fat areas for a slimmer, smoother and shapelier you. Improve results with health coaching and infrared therapy.


Infrared Therapy is a comprehensive approach to better health through detox, weight loss, pain management, destress/relaxation & much more.


Need to whip your body, mind and spirit into shape? Personal & Professional Life Coaching can help you transform from blah to ballistic. Bring happiness and balance back into your life.


Regular massage will improve posture, reduce muscle and stress tension, improve blood flow, help the body detox, recover faster from injury and improve mental clarity and focus.


We are excited to be adding more services and practitioners at Essentials in Life.  All services complement each other and follow the mission and values of holistic wellness, client satisfaction and superior customer service.

Happy Customers

  • "You have helped me realise an appreciation of myself that so many others were unable to.  Many times I would come to see you and practically make it hell for you, I always had an argument or an excuse that you always managed to see through and get to the truth. You stuck by me and believed in me the whole time and I thank you for that."

    Carolyn W Kingswood, NSW
  • "I love how my energy levels have improved. You have helped me regain control of my life and most importantly you have given my children a mother who can join in their games rather than watch."

    ANNE G. Castlereagh NSW
  • "I don't like gyms because of the exhausting exercises they require. I have arthritis in my knees and hands. Thanks to essentials in life system I am losing weight by attending the weekly weight management and infrared treatment sessions. I follow your advice and walk at least 20-30 minutes a day for a low impact exercise, it works for me, I lost so far 9 kg in 3.5 months. Thanks Connie for your support."

    ANNE-MARIE S. Luddenham NSW